Workshop of Afghanistan

Hosted by the Center for Strategic Research, a workshop on Afghanistan was held with the participation of representatives from relevant institutions, and organizations, as well as researchers, civil society representatives, and academics.

Asia Anew Workshop

SAM Diplomacy Simulation

We hold the “SAM Diplomacy Simulation” with the collaboration of an expert team from the Yıldırım Beyazıt University, which enabled interns to experience the practices of diplomacy. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Yavuz Selim Kıran visited the aforementioned simulation.

internship at SAM - 2021

internship at SAM - 2021

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Yavuz Selim Kıran delivered a speech on Turkish foreign policy and presented certificates to the students who have successfully completed their internship at SAM.

SAM Papers

SAM Papers No 22:

Unlike NATO’s previous three post-Cold War strategic concepts, NATO 2022 Strategic Concept marks a significant shift in discourse, recognizing that the Euro-Atlantic Area is not at peace and presenting the Russian Federation as a direct threat to NATO members. For this reason, the document reprioritizes NATO toward defense and deterrence, and strengthens the discourse of state-based threats to the Alliance. This discourse has implications on NATO's enlargement and partnership policies.

The World after COVID19-cover

SAM Papers No 21:The Future of the Libyan Quagmire: Challenges and Prospects

Ever since the February 17 Revolution in 2011, Libya has gone through various phases of turmoil, instability, power struggle and meddling by international actors. The political and security landscape in the country has been heating up since 2020, as the political process proceeds. However, Libya remains fragile due to the many potential challenges and risks, while external players demand sustainable solutions and a clear pathway for the future.