SAM Panel: Palestine-Israel Conflict and the Guarantorship Model


Center for Strategic Research (SAM) organized a panel titled “Palestine-Israel Conflict and the Guarantorship Model” on October 27th, 2023, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archive Building.

The panel, moderated by Dr. Nuh Yılmaz, Chairman of SAM, included Prof. Hüseyin Işıksal, Special Advisor to the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Prof. Yücel Acer of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University; Prof. Muhittin Ataman of Ankara Social Sciences University and Dr. Şahin Eray Kırdım of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University. 170 participants included members of the public, academics, officials from the governmental institutions, members of corps diplomatic, and representatives of media. The event was live streamed from SAM’s social media accounts.

In his opening speech, pointing out to the normalization process between Türkiye and Israel over the last 2.5 years, SAM Chairman Dr. Yılmaz said that this process has been negatively affected in the wake of the recent developments. He underlined that the humanitarian tragedy currently unfolding in Gazze and the Palestine-Israel conflict are against Türkiye’s national interests.

Moreover, for the implementation of the guarantorship mechanism SAM Chairman Dr. Yılmaz proposed establishment of a steering committee, consisting of regional and some major non-regional countries. He further underlined that such a mechanism could help Palestine exist as a state and it could also provide real security guarantees to both Israel and Palestine.

Prof. Hüseyin Işıksal said the status quo in the Middle East is unacceptable and unsustainable for both sides, Palestine and Israel; in such a context, the two-state solution buttressed by a guarantorship mechanism becomes much more important. He also proposed identification of potential guarantors and to bring them together in an appropriate format.

Prof. Yücel Acer iterated that guarantorship system aims at maintenance of status quo in a particular field; the research demonstrates that half of the peace agreements reinforced by the guaranstorship system prove to be successful, this ratio is significant given the lack of an effective implementation mechanism in the international system.

Prof. Muhittin Ataman, highlighted that the developments of October 7th have put the Palestine issue, that was about to be forgotten by so many countries in the region, at the front and center of the international agenda; it is remarkable that the only concrete proposal for the settlement of the issue was put forward by H.E. Hakan Fidan, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs; and to implement the guarantorship system, a coalition of regional states should be established and it is of vital importance that the Arab countries, such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, should be part of this system.

The last panelist Dr. Şahin Eray Kırdım said that from the theoretical perspective in order to reach a lasting and final settlement of the issue, we do not have the suitable conditions yet; and Israel needs to be persuaded and motivated in order to reach a solution.

The panel discussion concluded after Q&A session.

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SAM Panel: Palestine-Israel Conflict and the Guarantorship Model

SAM Panel: Palestine-Israel Conflict and the Guarantorship Model

SAM Panel: Palestine-Israel Conflict and the Guarantorship Model