Chairman’s Message

This year we proudly celebrate the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic and the 500th anniversary of the establishment of our Foreign Service. At such a pivotal juncture of history, Türkiye laid out its will and objective of constructing the next century as “The Century of Türkiye”. In the "Century of Türkiye" our primary aim is to conduct a foreign policy that is truly national in character, shaped around the values of our civilization, based on our increasing capabilities and resources with a view to strengthening the unity, security, and prosperity of our state and nation.

Within the framework of our goals and responsibilities, it is of great importance to comprehend and analyze various dimensions of international relations and the Turkish foreign policy. This involves engaging in strategic foresight and scenario- planning for the future, addressing upcoming challenges and seizing opportunities on the basis of critical-thinking, and presenting solution-oriented concrete recommendations. Implementation of national goals and carrying out diplomacy in line of these goals undoubtedly depend on sound and healthy information.

Our foreign relations encompass various dimensions, including economic, commercial, security, defense, intelligence, energy, culture, and communication, conducted in close cooperation with other relevant institutions. On the other hand, universities, academics and think-tanks also constitute our main stakeholders. Undoubtedly, one of the essential components of an effective and influential foreign policy is cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders in the field of information.

The Strategic Research Center (SAM), established within the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1995, exerts efforts to establish a productive relationship between the Ministry and academia and think-tanks.

As the Chairman of SAM, I will strive to bring closer diplomacy and knowledge to ensure an accurate understanding of Türkiye’s past and present by both th Turkish and foreign public opinion. In this period, we will focus on critical issues such as security, evolving face of diplomacy, new trends in foreign policy, mediation, new technologies and their impact on foreign policy along with Türkiye’s imminent problems and strategic priorities. To this end, we plan to diversify and expand the activities and services carried out by our Center.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to assume the Chairmanship of SAM during such a period. Together with my colleagues at SAM, we will work towards this vision. Our Turkish and foreign counterparts and relevant stakeholders will be our most important supporters in this process.

Since the establishment of the Center, the peer-reviewed academic journal "Perceptions” and the "SAM Papers", issued on special topics, draw significant interest among circles involved in foreign policy and international relations in Türkiye and abroad. Two books, prepared by experts on the impact of the pandemic on international relations, have made a significant contribution to the works in this field. We aspire to issue more publications that offer different perspectives on current topics in the upcoming period as well. We will welcome written contributions from the Turkish and foreign academics, researchers, and experts to our publications. Additionally, we will continue to share our publications on our website.

SAM diplomacy simulations provide new perspectives for students. The Foreign Ministry Internship Program, conducted by SAM, helps students better understand our Ministry and Turkish foreign policy, also enabling them to set their career path. It is a great honor for us that H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Türkiye, awarded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Internship Program, as "the institution with the highest intern satisfaction” in 2022.

SAM is one of the primary stakeholders of the Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF). The third edition of the ADF was postponed due to the unfortunate Kahramanmaraş centered earthquakes. On this occasion, I extend my condolences to the families of our Ministry's staff and to the families of all our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake.

During the third edition of the ADF, due to be held on 1-3 March 2024, we will once again have the opportunity to bring together leaders and policy-makers with academics and students.

More information on SAM can be found at our website and social media accounts. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to share your valuable thoughts and contributions with us through our contact information on SAM's website and our social media accounts.


Dr. Nuh Yılmaz

Short Bio

“Dr. Nuh Yılmaz was appointed as the Chairman of the official think tank of Türkiye, Center for Strategic Research (SAM) of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 2023. Since June 2023 he has been serving as Chief Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Before his move to the MFA, Dr. Yılmaz served at the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) for ten years in various capacities such as Press Adviser, Head of Strategic Analysis, and Director of MIT’s Talent Improvement Center.

Dr. Yılmaz worked as a journalist, academic, columnist, and foreign policy analyst at various institutions. Dr. Yılmaz gave lectures at Marmara University, Trent University and George Mason University on various subjects ranging from Visual Culture Theory to Communication Theories. Dr. Yılmaz prepared and presented his own TV program entitled “Brifing Odası” focused on foreign policy and security. He served as the founding Director of the SETA Washington D.C. Office (2008-2011). Dr. Yılmaz was a visiting fellow at the European Council for Foreign Relations (2012-2013); and completed NATO Defence College’s Senior Course based in Rome (2020).”